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Make A Statement With Special Shaped Ink Pens

No matter what your format, RadioStationPromotions.com has a shaped ink pen that will set your radio station apart.

Have your salespeople give these out to clients and prospects, and you’ll have everyone talking about your station. Or use them for listener promotions.

Below are a few suggestions. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us or visit the selection of over 850 special-shaped ink pens. We can also custom produce a shaped ink pen for that unique promotion.

patriotic shaped ink pensPatriotic Shaped Ink Pens

The Liberty Bell, USA Flag, and Eagles are just some patriotic-shaped ink pens available. Customize your message with your call letters.

Jazz music shaped ink penMusic Shaped Ink Pens

No matter your station format, we have a shaped ink pen that tells your story—jazz, Country, Easy Listening, Christian, Classical and more. See our music-shaped ink pens here, or search the catalog at the bottom of this page.

oklahoma shaped ink pen

5o State Shaped Ink Pens

Our shaped ink pens are available for all 50 States. Imprint your slogans, such as The Talk of Oklahoma or Mississippi Spirit. To find your state search the catalog at the bottom of this page and enter your state, followed by Shaped Ink Pens. Example: Texas Shaped Ink Pens.

frong shaped ink penAnimal Shaped Ink Pens

From Froggy 97, the Eagle, The Wolf — if your radio station slogan involves an animal, we probably have it. We have almost 200 animal-shaped ink pens. We can custom produce a shaped ink pen for you if it is not a stock item. You may contact customer service for details.


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